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LTIMindtree Insights is the gateway to our most compelling thinking to help you gain a better understanding of rapidly evolving technology landscape and their implications on your business. Created by LTIMindtree's practitioner-thought leaders and external industry and academic experts, LTIMindtree Insights demystifies emerging technologies, sparks innovative ideas and shares pragmatic experience of their application in the real world.

LTIMindtree Crystal

With an ever-evolving technology landscape, it becomes imperative for industries to be well-equipped with the precise ability to predict the future and all elements associated with it. LTIMindtree Crystal will encompass curated radars on technology, business, skills, etc., enriched with “Beyond-The-Horizon” insights for LTIMindtree and our clients. It presents exciting opportunities in terms of foresight to future-ready businesses keen to take faster and smarter decisions on existing and emerging technology trends. The Crystal is an output of rigorous research by our team of next-gen technology experts and meticulously rated by our Technology Council across parameters that range from the horizon to market potential and their adoption phase.

LTIMindtree Crystal - Technology Radar 2022-23

LTIMindtree’s Technology Crystal brings “Beyond-The-Horizon” technologies to cross-industry enterprises. This report gives an exclusive glimpse of more than 56 beyond-the-horizon technology elements enriched with our insights, technology element relationships, key use cases, and why this can be a game changer and a featured story. “LTIMindtree Crystal - Technology Radar” will act as a catalyst to drive thought leadership and amplify capabilities.

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Anthos is the leading cloud-centric container platform to run modern apps anywhere consistently at scale.

Reimagining Engineering,  Construction and Manufacturing with SAP S/4HANA on AWS


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