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Unitrax ® is LTIMindtree Canada’s industry-leading flagship product – a comprehensive and flexible investor record-keeping system, engineered for the Canadian financial services industry. It is a SaaS-based solution, which enables fund manufacturers, banks and insurance providers to address their record-keeping needs across product lines. Unitrax is privately hosted on LTIMindtree’s infrastructure, and is implemented in production by over 190 clients across Canada, representing CAD$ 815+ billion in assets under administration.

With Unitrax, clients increase productivity by minimizing redundancy and data entry errors, through screen edits and business rules, simplifying maintenance obligations and lowering operational costs. With more than 190 asset managers using the system to manage and administer their portfolio, Unitrax is a proven leader in the Canadian record-keeping solutions marketplace.


  • Single version system auto-switching and household assettiering capabilities.
  • Built-in, robust indexing capabilities, to extract records for a user-defined date, promptly upon request.
  • A single-version, multi-tenant model – LTIMindtree believes in a shared investment, shared benefit methodology for Unitrax. All of our clients can leverage the 25+ years of LTIMindtree and customer enhancements, in our single version application.
  • A comprehensive product ecosystem that includes WealthLink ™ (web portals), WealthDecisions ® (big data reporting and analytics), Digital Case and Content Manager (dCCM) (integrated BPM workflow), and our API-driven architecture for integration of record-keeping into your internal systems.


  • Streamlines administration of a wide range of investment vehicles (e.g. mutual funds, segregated funds, linked notes, GICs).
  • Built for 360 o administration of insurance wealth products i.e. segregated funds, Guaranteed Withdrawal Benefit (GWB), Guaranteed Investment Account (GIA), and payout annuities (single life, joint life, term certain, bridge and impaired).
  • Provides for co-mingling of annuities, with segregated funds to boost operational transferability and improve asset retention.
  • Supports all Canadian registration types (e.g. RDSP, RESP, TFSA, RRIF, LIF, RRSP, IPP), allowing clients to cater to a larger market base through a one-system solution.
  • Facilitates seamless integration with Fundserv and Myserv, simplifies asset allocation & rebalancing and group plan administration, and improves visibility into management fees, rebates and negotiated advisory fees.

Connected Product Offerings

Unitrax® – Canada’s Leading TA Platform

  • 25+ years of customer and LTIMindtree investment in product features
  • Highly flexible and configurable
  • Significant investment in insurance wealth in the last 5 years
  • Industry and regulatory compliant

WealthDecisions® – Self Service Data and Reports

  • Big data platform, private CDN cloud infrastructure (AWS)
  • Complex Unitrax data model + industry and customer sources
  • Self-service reports, dashboards and SQL query building
  • API Marketplace – to feed external sources / data lakes
  • Analytics models, machine learnings, data discovery

WealthLink™ – Investor and Advisor Web Portal

  • Persona-based access (investor, advisor, dealer & call center)
  • Highly configurable – Colors, logo, background pictures/adverts, disclaimers, labels, show/hide functionality.
  • Document retrieval – Statements, confirms, tax forms

dCCM – Digital Case and Content Manager (Workflow)

  • Digitization, centralization and workflow standardization
  • Integrated to Unitrax – Doc. link, retrieval, QC, report ingestion
  • Management oversight through reports and dashboards (BAM)
  • Scalable across the enterprise for other digitization intiatives