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Leverage IoT for your business transformation

Mindtree NxT helps organizations become future-ready through thoughtful deployment of IoT, AI, and GeoSpatial technologies. Our intelligent solutions deliver agility, profitability, and a more human-centric approach to business.

Mindtree NxT configures IoT-enabled and AI-powered solutions that transform asset utilization, infrastructure management, locational intelligence, and workforce optimization for a wide range of industrial organizations. Our clients know they need to embrace digital technology and Industry 4.0 strategies—and they look to us to provide the guidance and technology they need to make successful end-to-end transformations.

Mindtree NxT provides the strategies organizations need to thrive in a hyper-connected, cloud-first world. Mindtree NxT brings those strategies to life with IoT-enabled and AI-powered solutions — as well as other emerging technologies. Together, we help organizations innovate, discover new operational savings, and achieve sustained growth.

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Value Drivers



growth using transformation and differentiation
IoT-driven abundance of data & insight is helping enterprises launch newer & better products, invent new revenue streams, drive industry differentiation, and thereby, transform the core, fundamental business they operate in.



experiences with data driven intelligence
IoT is transforming hitherto intuition-led enterprises to become more intelligent and insight-driven. Phygital-led convergence, human-centric design principles, and data-driven intelligent personalization are elevating consumer experiences and instilling human-centricity in business.



a smarter, safer, and more sustainable business
IoT is enabling enterprises to become smarter, safer, and more sustainable, leveraging connected ecosystems (man-machine-material), sustainable operations, and resilience across the industry value chain.



Revenue Unlocked
from Assets



Faster Material



Potential Fatalities

Our Offerings

Build a future-ready enterprise with Mindtree NxT offerings. We help our clients create resilient and future-ready ecosystems
where traditional silos are replaced with real-time sharing of data-driven views of production and business processes—and much richer and more timely analytics.

Insight NxT

Insight NxT

Derive intelligence from a connected ecosystem of workers, machines, locations, and business processes with this analytics platform.

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Worker NxT@2x

Worker NxT

Identify, hire, train, and protect highly qualified and productive workers.
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Material NxT

Track and trace configurable supply components and material locations to make sure production runs without interruption.
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Asset NxT

Get real-time visibility of industrial equipment, machines, vehicles, and systems.
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GeoSpatial NxT

Collect and decode complex spatial data—empowering our customers with insights.
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Industry Solutions

 Connected Manufacturing

Connected Manufacturing

Deploy solutions built on AI, machine learning, robotics, and IIoT to give manufacturers a competitive edge.

Connected Mining

Connected Mining

Collect and analyze high-value data from all parts of the mining value chain.

Connected Construction

Connected Construction

Cutting-edge platform fueling digital adoption by connecting construction firm’s assets, workers, materials, projects, geography, and added Intelligence.

Quotes from Experts

“Connected devices—the Internet of Things (IoT)—have profoundly changed how we interact with the world around us. Businesses are solving the classic big data problem by accelerating the adoption of IoT devices to unlock the insights that build the connected enterprise of tomorrow. Mindtree NxT helps getting businesses to the future, faster.”

—Sriram K, Head – Service Line Markets & Strategic Engagements, North America

Awards and Recognition

Mindtree NxT Named a Major Contender in Everest Group’s Industry 4.0 Services PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2022


Industry X.0 Canvas for Smart Manufacturing

LTIMindtree’s Industry X.0 Canvas, is a framework for Smart Manufacturing, developed with a deep engineering mindset, rich digital experience, and a global partner ecosystem. While manufacturers can manage to find quick fixes through point solutions, keeping the bigger goal in mind. IXC is designed to seamlessly leverage the existing technology assets into hyperscalers’ platforms and data products. A multi-layered approach to scale the digital manufacturing maturity of your enterprise, with each layer of the canvas adding the next level of digital maturity, resulting in amplified business outcomes.

The paradigm shift in the manufacturing industry is pushing enterprises to transform like never before. Get future-ready with LTIMindtree IXC (Industry X.0 Canvas)

LTIMindtree - Future, Faster,Together.

Two industry-acclaimed challengers come together to become a leader! Making a historical debut - LTIMindtree, a new kind of technology consulting firm.

L&T’s Chief Digital Officer on how LTIMindtree helped them digitalize their processes and systems

Mahesh Chikodi, Chief Digital Officer at Larsen & Toubro Group talks about embarking on a digital journey with LTIMindtree and how they digitalized their materials men & machines on-site.

Birla Corporation’s, AVP talks about how LTIMindtree helped digitalize their Mining & Logistics initiatives.

Sumantra Naik, Assistant Vice President at Birla Corporation talks about partnering with LTIMindtree for digital transformation of their mines

The Future of Mines - with Mines Nxt platform

Mines NxT is built on the strong Insight NxT platform by leveraging its core services and offering, with custom-built features.
Connected Construction
Possibilities Forum fireside-chat: Embracing human-centricity in Industry 4.0 transformation
Mindtree NxT - helping businesses evolve next gen processes and products by fusing design thinking with cutting edge technologies including IoT and AI/ML led analytics.
Condition-based monitoring using Asset NxT. Real-time visibility of industrial equipment, machines, vehicles, and systems
Insight NxT platform - Derive intelligence from a connected ecosystem of workers, machines, locations, and business processes with this enterprise platform
Connected Mines: The platform collects and analyzes high-value data from all parts of the mining value chain, including geospatial data, wearables to promote worker safety, supply chain tracking, and more.
Arup Ghosh, Markets Lead – India, ANZ & ME, Mindtree NxT, talks about how we help organizations evolve their processes and products, making operations digitally agile with leading edge technologies like industrial IoT, AI, ML and geoSpatial technologies.
Mahesh Mahajan, Global Head of Products and Platform at Mindtree NxT talks about Insight NxT, our flagship enterprise platform that autonomously derives intelligence from a connected ecosystem of workers, machines, locations, and business processes.