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In today’s digital age data is the backbone of any business. We, at LTIMindtree, can help you make decisions driven by data that are right, usable and scalable by extracting actionable insights. Our Data & Analytics services assist you in achieving business agility with a data-first approach, as well as the democratization of data, analytics and use cases.

We do this by automating and reducing work volume (doing less), accelerating implementation with latest technologies and agile ways of working (doing fast), leveraging proprietary and domain-specific solutions & accelerators to deliver persona-based services (doing more), and fast-tracking business process transformation with Fosfor (doing better).

LTIMindtree is deeply committed to continuously build a deep capability to offer insights services for its customers. Our workforce is continuously striving for excellence when it comes to service delivery and for innovation when it comes to providing state of art tools/accelerators/platforms to clients for a smooth journey to digital transformation.

Solving @ Lightspeed

For building modern data-driven enterprises, we have been innovating for organizations through our future-proof architectural blueprints positioned around the right technology stacking to meet the industry demands through niche domain expertise.


Mindful design with a confluence of Data Lakehouse & Data Mesh based platforms along with key concepts, design principles, and architectural best practices for designing and running workloads in the cloud


Strategic partnerships with the cloud computing giants with a focus on new age technology around data on cloud with AI wrapped in it for a faster & reliable data-to-decisions journey


Technology enabled next gen domain led customizable solutions leveraging cloud & AI with a careful analysis of the nuances and the common hurdles of each industry

Our Framework

Our solutions incorporate the below principles to focus on creating comprehensive value for our customers as they steer through their digital transformation journeys:

Our Philosophy

Through our people, process, and technology approach, we envision building a data-driven culture fuelled by passionate tech tribes.

We bring together the future of software engineering & data products for helping enterprises unleash the value hidden in their data and shape the future of data & analytics. Our strategy revolves around People + Accelerator + IP approach to deliver accelerated outcomes. Our business model focuses on accelerating our data and analytics services through our assets across data to decision value chain for our clients.

At LTIMindtree, we strongly believe in innovating our service offerings portfolio. We have strategically structured our offerings to focus on core IP / technology-focus. Our portfolio consists of


At LTIMindtree, we strongly believe in innovating our service offerings portfolio by packaging our services-as-a-software for quick deployment which can be easily configured for different classes of problem. This model helps clients “plug-&-play” with multi-cloud and hybrid strategies. The model incorporates infrastructure and application- readiness analysis to understand the entire ecosystem for seamless movement to any cloud. It includes: –

  • Data Platform Modernization
  • AI Engineering
  • AI-led Outcomes
  • Engineered Decision Intelligence
  • Data Governance and Privacy


Our business model focuses on accelerating our data and analytics services through our assets across data to decision value chain for our clients. An integrated suite of products that helps businesses monetize data at speed and at scale– enabling Data Commerce for your entire organization through our solutions around comprehensive no-code/low-code platforms & Lego blocks for data, AI, and automation. It includes: –

  • DataOps
  • AI & MLOps
  • Enterprise Data Catalog
  • Augmented Analytics
  • Data to Decision Platforms



Obtain the performance, flexibility, and near-infinite scalability of a cloud data platform to easily load, integrate, analyze, and securely share your data assets leveraging the core capabilities of AWS, GCP, Azure and Snowflake. Embrace the future of modern software engineering with LTI LTIMindtree Canvas accelerators to fast-track your journey to cloud.

Next-Gen Data Management

LTIMindtree, with its dedicated competency centers for BI, MDM, Data Integration, Data Governance & Quality Data Virtualization & Data Mesh, wields its expertise to help customers share, store, and retrieve the ever-increasing amount of data to have the competitive advantage amongst the industry peers. Using LTIMindtree’s Data Privacy SmartHub, protect and handle sensitive data with utmost care which has been of higher importance in the recent years.

AI Engineering

Standardize & streamline your AI/ML Model lifecycle by incorporating AI into the mainstream operations process. Derive the maximum value from your AI Investments by operationalizing AI end-to- end across the model lifecycle to achieve performance, scalability, interpretability, reliability, and time- to-market.

Data Products

Businesses have turned towards modern data led solutioning platforms to utilize their data as an asset. Optimize the data-to-decisions journey and achieve better business outcomes with LTIMindtree’s Industry Cloud solutions hyper-customized for various domains like BFSI, Insurance, M&E, Lifesciences and more.

Data Privacy

Enterprises all over the globe gather and depend on personal data of their consumers for becoming more customer centric and provide personalized products. However, there has been an enormous increase in data theft and data breaches. Using LTIMindtree’s Data Privacy SmartHub, protect and handle sensitive data with utmost care which has been of higher importance in the recent years.

Technology Solutions – Our Approach


Simplifying & accelerating adoption of Snowflake by leveraging pre-built utilities. Addresses the core challenges of designing, accelerating, and governing a data transformation journey to Snowflake while optimizing expenditure and managing costs related to operations.


Intelligent cloud adoption migration to Azure data ecosystem. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the source database to automate script conversion processes and ensure the integrity and fidelity of the data.


GCP Smart Analytics using tools & utilities across data value chain. Adopt an automation-first approach for a hassle-free migration of legacy data solutions, ensuring that your data transformation journey is on time, predictable, and cost-effective.


Pre-built data utilities across AWS redshift platform to ease adoption. Accelerate your journey to AWS leveraging Scarlet’s automation capabilities to migrate schemas, data and objects from on-premise database with automated reconciliation of migrated data between source and target.


ReCast provides suite of tools that assists enterprises towards automated report conversion by managing complete conversion life cycle right from assessment, strategy definition, migration, and post migration review & testing.

DQ Anywhere

A self-driving AI enabled DQ solution with pre-defined DQ rules configurable for all datasets. It identifies outliers in the data using standard and custom algorithms with LTIMindtree’s sense & response framework.


A data discovery platform that helps to uncover personal data across all types of data sources. It can also accelerate data minimization, DPIA and ROPA. The tool leverages privacy compliance operations for data anonymization.


A multi-domain capable MDM tool that facilitates data governance through defined User Interfaces. It provides ability to register and administer data sources. Also provides ability to construct and administer a unified view of a contact.



An intelligent modernization accelerator for Databricks that address migration challenges by providing automated solutions for Data/Schema and ETL migration. And a suite of ML ops accelerators simplifies AI/ML implementation with Databricks making it real to test and develop Advanced Data Science use cases at a great speed.


The Product Suite for optimizing all aspects of the data-to-decisions lifecycle. It helps to make better decisions, ensuring the right data in more hands in the fastest time possible. The Fosfor Product Suite consists of Spectra (DataOps platform); Optic, (data fabric); Refract, (Data Science and MLOps platform); Aspect, (unstructured data processing platform); and Lumin (augmented analytics platform).

Case Studies

Advanced Analytics Platform using AWS

Advanced Analytics Platform using AWS

World’s Largest Technical Professional Organization Adopts Modern Data Management Solution

Consumer Analytics using AWS

Consumer Analytics using AWS

Global Media & Entertainment Company Enables Customer 360 Analysis

Data Lake Modernization Using Snowflake

Data Lake Modernization Using Snowflake

German Energy Conglomerate Transforms Legacy Data Landscape

Data Warehouse Migration to Google Cloud

Data Warehouse Migration to Google Cloud

Denmark-based Leading Wholesaler Democratizes Analytics to Enable Real-Time Warehouse

Global Analytics Platform on Azure

Global Analytics Platform on Azure

US-based Battery Energy Storage Solutions Company adopts cloud and sets up Analytics Platform

Redefining Service Business Model

Redefining Service Business Model

Leading Global Elevator Company Invigorates Business with IoT Analytics

Transformation of DW Landscape on Snowflake

Transformation of DW Landscape on Snowflake

US-based Pharma Major Modernizes Technology Landscape

Technology Solutions

Mosaic Decisions

Mosaic Decisions

Experience a self-service data platform with the power to connect, capture, integrate, store, analyze and decode structured & unstructured data on enterprise scale.

Mosaic AI

Mosaic AI

Explore a cognitive AI platform with an intuitive experience, and offering the best AI frameworks & templates for users to enjoy a seamless & personalized “Build-to-Run” transition on their AI workflows.

Mosaic Automation

Mosaic Automation

Experience intelligent process automation with high accuracy and efficiency, leveraging the AI-led-Automation platform.