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Blockchain is a crucial enabler for businesses worldwide in their digital transformation journeys. With the convergence of technologies like AI/ML, IoT, RPA, and AR/VR into existing enterprise systems, LTIMindtree has built integrated offerings based on blockchain by leveraging its partnerships with leading vendors. Customers can unlock significant value in their digital transformation journeys by leveraging LTIMindtree’s offerings, which enable technology and a business-centric approach to adopt decentralized business applications on the blockchain. We embrace a partnership-based approach with our customers at the outset of their blockchain journey. Customers can outline their organizational vision around blockchain and set the roadmap with the help of our business/architectural consulting capabilities. Our engineering & platform capabilities help execute the client’s vision via an industrialized delivery model in a seamless manner. The CoE (Center of Excellence) brings in partnerships with leading blockchain platforms and industry domain expertise to deliver excellence.

We get insights from our customers from various industries and showcase how our capabilities can boost our customers’ businesses on the Tech Beacon, LTIMindtree’s annual technology harbinger.

LTIMindtree’s Blockchain Maturity Model

The blockchain wave is spearheading change in the technological diaspora from the center; hence, the industry is taking time to embrace its dimensions for real productivity. Distributed ledger technology (DLT) is fundamentally changing the nature of the architectural ecosystem, helping industries do business across organizational boundaries by defining policies, making and managing data identity (self-sovereign identity), data handling, brand, provenance, sustainability, track and trace, copyrights, tangible, and digital assets (non-fungible tokens). LTIMindtree has a blockchain maturity model (BMM) that consists of four levels to develop and deliver quick prototypes and then scale and evangelize to the production stage.

Level 1 : Primitive or Initial stage It involves exploration around client vision and funneling of use-cases.

Level 2 : Experimental stage It involves platform evaluation, due diligence, and deciding on the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) or Proof of Concept (PoC)

Level 3 : Tactical stage It involves production pilot and scaling with other departments to improve blockchain awareness

Level 4 : Strategic and Transformational stage It consists of setting up a Centre of Excellence (CoE) and organization-level scaling

To strengthen the journey and compete with industry leaders, LTIMindtree delivers an ecosystem of startup partners who have already excelled with blockchain products in various markets.

Consulting Excellence : Our blockchain consulting team offers customized services ranging from use case identification, technical due diligence, ROI roadmaps, etc.

Engineering & Platform Excellence : Our blockchain accelerators - Automation Platform, Smart Contract Factory can be leveraged by clients to prototype and realize RoI faster.

Open-source Excellence : Our blockchain-certified team participates in several open-source projects which enables them to deliver products using best practices.

Delivery Excellence : Our E&P and delivery teams with experience of executing projects in multiple industries assure seamless delivery experience.

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Our Services

Requirement Analysis

Requirement Analysis

Understand business requirements and assess the fitment with distributed and multi-party scenarios using blockchain

Blockchain Adaptability Assessment

Blockchain Adaptability Assessment

Demonstrating PoCs with various blockchain scenarios and assess the readiness of customer's business/technology ecosystem

Selection and Design

Selection and Design

Selection of appropriate blockchain platform and design of technical/integration architecture to adopt blockchain-centric multi-party systems

Implementation Roadmap

Implementation Roadmap

Finalization of blockchain platforms, architecture, and preparation of the deployment roadmap

Transformation and Integration

Transformation and Integration

Deployment and rollout of the blockchain solution in the customer's ecosystem with continuous support


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