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LTIMindtree Digital Runtime

The digital environment framework to holistically and rapidly transform your IT function into a productized organization.

The modern enterprise has to attain a myriad of goals and objectives set out by its management and stakeholders. These goals revolve not just around financial metrics, but also around process and business metrics that need to be achieved. Often, we see that enterprises that start the journey towards digital transformation fail to achieve it fully. This failure – in our experience – is inversely proportional to goal clarity, execution rigor and dependency management.

These enterprises typically have the setup to enable transformation. What they need is a fine-tuning of their existing machinery, an orchestration of sorts to create the perfect symphony. This orchestration requires not just a complete overhaul a.k.a. digital transformation, but also an IT environment in which the transformation plans can be efficiently executed.

This IT environment enables the deliverance of optimal and efficient results, bringing about a well-orchestrated transformation and making it a runtime environment for Productized IT. This boosts speed and agility to deliver optimally on the goals and outcomes the management has set out.

LTIMindtree Digital Runtime makes this possible.

Key Features


Can be customized to fit the management asks to deliver optimal results.


Tried and tested mechanisms that deliver consistent outcomes.


Robust governance mechanisms and dashboards to track progress across metrics and verify business alignment.


Mathematical modelling to predict impacts of transformation and quantitative models to ascertain value achieved.


Contains tools, templates, processes, and frameworks; together making up the runtime environment.

Reasons to Implement LTIMindtree Digital Runtime

Faster Speed-to-Market

Shrink ‘idea to deployment’ timelines.

Inbuilt Sustainability

Focuses on ways to optimize the IT for a greener footprint.

Accelerated Innovation

Rapid fail-fast methods to explore the power of technology to transform businesses.

Increased Revenue

It enables a faster release cycle and brings in velocity to enable greater realization of revenue.

Reduced OpEx

Machine-first operations delivering greater value at lower cost.

Improved Business Alignment

Increased relevance and responsiveness to evolving business demands.

Components of Change

LTIMindtree Digital Runtime is based on three key pillars

Digital Ways

Culture | People & Learning | Scaled Agile | Product Management

Covers Culture, People & Learning, Scaled Agile and Product Management. It breaks down organizational silos, improves cross-functional alignment, builds agility and promotes a culture of innovation lifelong learning.

Digital Resilience

DevSecOps | Resilient Operations | AI Nudged Quality | Security

Covers DevSecOps, Resilient Operations, AI-nudged Quality and Security. It helps in operating and orchestrating mission-critical web-scale digital platforms that requires modern engineering practices such as AIOps, SRE and Chaos Engineering.

Digital Platforms

Business Platforms | Cloud-Native Data Fabric | Edge to Experience

Covers Business Platforms, Cloud Native, Data Fabric and Edge to Experience. It helps in getting Enterprise applications and digital properties curated into Platforms, Product lines and Products built on cloud native architectures all the way from edge to experience.

What will the transformed state for my enterprise look like?

Digital Ways

Project Based Mindset
Product mindset with flow based on value
Unidimensional technology skill-set
Elastic workforce with cross-functional and full-stack skills
Rigid and orthodox way of working
Culture of adaptability and innovation

Digital Resilience

Verification and validation late in the cycle
Autonomous DevSecOps with AI-nudged quality
Reactive manual operations
Autonomous and telemetry-based operations
Ad-hoc and reactive cybersecurity
Active Digital Cyber Defense

Digital Platforms

Monolithic Architecture
Composable cloud-native architectures
Unmanaged application sprawl
Enterprise digital platforms and product lines
Post-facto Data-wrangling
Enterprise data fabric and in-process intelligence

Success Stories


100 k

elevators across 7 countries through a ‘System Thinking’ approach and unified remote troubleshooting

Enchanced time to market by

40 %

and reduced maintenance costs by 20% through a monitoring, analytics solution using design thinking

Reduced operating expenses by

35 %

through automation and workforce remapping

Reduced cost by

50 %

through increased hardware utilization and a cloud self service platform

Reduced cost by

20 %

through consolidation of PPM function, project management. Integration and executive dashboards


Nachiket Deshpande
Chief Operating Officer & Executive Board Member
How ready are you to support the accelerated digital enterprise?

The modern-day enterprise is evolving. As the world shifts from its traditional lineage to new ways of working (ushered by the pandemic and the subsequent recovery), every aspect of the organization is undergoing a metamorphosis. Everything we assumed as a constant, a given, has been uprooted, and the impetus for change is upon us.

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