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The utility industry is on the threshold of massive restructuring, as it looks to upgrade an ageing infrastructure, harness smart grid technologies, shift to renewables, and transform distribution and storage systems. With increased competition and growing customer demands, utility companies are gradually changing themselves into efficient digital enterprises.

The industry’s top focus is on driving breakthrough innovations and spurring disruptive growth by adopting the latest digital technologies. Their key challenges include managing steeply rising costs, tackling cyber security threats, and building new data-driven business models. By adopting the latest utilities industry IT solutions and services, enterprises can address these challenges, drive better customer engagement, and eventually improve their bottom line.

LTIMindtree offers a suite of comprehensive IT solutions for the utilities sector, which enables companies to optimize operations and improve profitability. Our solutions and support services are scalable, with the flexibility to reconfigure or support applications in a cost-effective manner. We also provide end-to-end software and systems integration solutions across Enterprise Resource Planning (ERPs), Mobility, Big Data, Advanced Analytics, e-engineering and process control, and automation solutions.

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Journey towards Digital Utility

Utility enterprises are reinventing themselves towards the path of becoming digital organizations. Most organizations have not been able to scale beyond digital pilots. Embracing digital ways of working, getting the right talent and modernizing IT are the way forward towards the Next in Utilities

How Digital is Driving the Utility Journey

Most Utilities have embarked on a digital transformation journey driven by increased developments in smart grid technologies such as smart meters, AMI, smart inverters, advanced T&D sensors, distributed energy resources and behind-the-meter technologies.

Some have not been able to scale beyond digital pilots. Typical challenges included:

  • Edge-of-the-grid computing platforms created integration complexities between IT/OT applications, devices, and processes
  • Cloud-based Analytics platforms deployed in silos between the back-office and grid-based operations limited available insights
  • In-the-field intelligent devices and The Internet-Of-Things (IoT) impacted Corporate Infrastructure such as Databases, Servers, and Network components

Sharp focus on outcomes through exponential technologies

At LTIMindtree, we understand the new solutions and methodologies required for connecting the Physical & Digital worlds through our end-to-end IT/OT Capabilities. LTIMindtree’s vision is aimed at addressing the above transformational challenges with a sharp focus on amplifying business outcomes for Utilities across 4 key themes supported by platforms/solutions:

  1. Operate to transform – Operational Excellence
    • Intelligent Automation – Bidding/Scheduling, Billing/Invoicing, IT Help desk operations
    • Solar Plant Optimization – Cloud based Performance Monitoring and Centralized Control / Automation
  2. Building data-driven organizations – Energy Analytics
    • Cognitive Analytics – Establish a customer profile to provide insight into how to customize services
    • Data Insights Hub – Intelligence to generate business outcomes and capabilities
  3. Experience Transformation – Customer Experience
    • Smart Work Force Management – Augmented Reality, Wearables, GIS and route optimization
    • Smart Portal – support multiple Markets processes
  4. Digitizing the Core – Focus on Costs
    • Asset Management – Drones & Robotics for Plant Inspections, Vegetation Management
    • SAP – Modernizing landscape with S/4 HANA Migration services

Our Utility Industry Engineering and Manufacturing heritage positions us very well for leading the charge in providing automation and control systems, powerful real-time advanced analytics & decision support capabilities, and extending customer engagement benefits.


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I agree to receive communication from LTIMindtree. Refer LTIMindtree privacy policy to know more about how we maintain privacy about your data.